Adult Acne Sucks – Ranks Right Up There With a Witch Wart on Your Nose

At this point…. as I look at the 25 zits on my face — I’m thinking I’d take the ONE witch wart on my nose. How? How? How does 25 zits happen to someone in their 40′s? Well… most will tell you hormones. Some will tell you stress. Others will point to diet and exercise. A few will mention drinking more water.

You can go to the drugstore and find a whole isle dedicated to zits. Pretty bottles with pretty promises. Many with hefty prices.

Dermatologists will happily write you prescriptions for anything you want. Spironolactone, Accutane, birth control pills, Retina-A…. a whole slew of other topicals with benzoyl peroxide in them and tons of other recommendations for soaps, cleansers, moisturizers….. blah blah blah. And again… the hefty prices.

This zit thing for me has been on going for about 10 years. Since I went off birth control pills. For a while it was manageable. Now…. it is not. We’re talking going from 4-5 zits to 15-20 zits and cysts. What the hell???

I don’t sit around with a dirty face, eating chocolate and pizza either. I pretty much ONLY drink water besides one cup of coffee or tea now each day. I eat well too. I was a vegetarian for 15 years, but I was on birth control then too – so my face was fine. I’m still not a huge carnivore and lean more toward veggies, nuts and fruit.

My stress level is…. high. I admit. But I’ve seen surgeons, EMS workers and seriously overweight people with porcelain skin. Hell – I’ve seen drug addicts and alcoholics with perfect skin. Not to make light of any of that… I’m just making a point here.

And if adult acne is on the rise:

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the United States, affecting 40 million to 50 million Americans.

…. then how come I never see any other adults with acne? Not a zit? Where are all these adults with acne?

So My Next Acne Experiment: Sulfur Soap

I thought it was weird at first too — but I’ve been on sulfur based meds for bladder infections before and my skin cleared. I also know people taking Bactrim (a sulfur based antibiotic) for acne. My derm won’t prescribe it for me. Tells me mine is hormonal and only spironolactone will clear it. Jeebus — I really want to take a potassium sparing diuretic meant for high blood pressure to cure my acne? Not.

So I thought… how can I work this sulfur thing to my advantage without an out and out prescription? Bingo – sulfur soap. There are several different brands – and strengths. I’ve purchased two different soaps:

Grandpa’s Thylox Sulfur Soap ($5.99 at The Vitamin Shoppe)

Grisi Sulfur Soap with Lanolin ($5.50 at Amazon)

**Some people said they could find it at their local Wal-mart in the ethnic isle. My Wal-mart did not have it. I tried CVS and Target too — so I ended up ordering online.

So worst case scenario – I’m out about $15 with shipping on these two bars. Why two bars? They have different concentrations of sulfur. And though I have acne prone skin that is somewhat oily (Bonus to oily skin – less wrinkles!), it’s very sensitive too. So if I can tolerate the Grandpa’s at 1% sulfur, I’ll move on to the Grisi bar – which is – I think – 10% sulfur.

I will certainly come back and comment on this post and let you know if it’s working — because no one should have to deal with zits in their 40′s! I mean — we’re dealing with menopause looming and wrinkles and belly fat — really — we have to add zits to it? I think not. And if you’re like me — you really DON’T want to be put on something like spironolactone. It’s scary – I don’t care what anyone says. Too much potassium and you’re dead. No thanks.

If you’re suffering from adult acne – maybe give this a try. Ultimately if it doesn’t work for me – it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.

If you HAVE had success with using sulfur soap or masks — or other sulfur based products — please share below in the comments section. I would love to read what others have tried and what has worked. Thanks in advance.

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The Paper Products in a Home Can Cost Hundreds a Year

I know….
This isn’t a very exciting post. We’re gonna talk about toilet paper. Well, I’M gonna talk about toilet paper…. and paper towels and tissues.

We are a family of four. So you’re average size family. I do all the grocery shopping – and honestly, I feel am pretty savvy and try to save where I can. Am I an extreme coupon-er? No. But I do use coupons and feel it’s crazy not to.

But when it comes to toilet paper and facial tissues and paper towels… have you SEEN the prices of a roll of Bounty lately? What exactly am I buying here? The cheapest I see is 12 rolls at Wal-Mart for $13.97. So basically $14 for 12 rolls of paper towels. Now – granted, paper towels are not good for the environment and we should use less. I am big on using REAL plates too and NOT paper plates. I hate paper plates. Ugh…

But you have to have paper towels, in my opinion. Same with toilet paper and tissues. And when all is said and done and I have shopped around — I have found (and this it what I have done for 2-3 years), that office supply stores are the way to go for this stuff.

I just purchased paper towels, tissues and toilet paper from Staples. Here is my order:

paper product purchase

So lets look at this…
I paid $117.27 – this includes a 15% off coupon, taxes and FREE shipping from Staples. (But I can get better deals at Office Depot most of the time.)

What did I get for $117.27 and having it delivered to my door…

60 rolls of toilet paper (Quilted Northern)
48 boxes of Kleenex (granted they are cute boxes… but neutral and will go in any room)
36 rolls of Bounty Paper Towels

The paper towels and tissues will last my family 7 months or more. I still have 6 boxes of Kleenex left and 5 rolls of paper towels from my last order — and I have never ordered toilet paper before – so I am not sure how long it will last.

The 15% off   is key. Granted the prices are cheaper anyway – but adding the 15% coupon (and usually there is always a coupon or promo code – take the time to look one up online!!) makes all the difference. Paper towels are .71 cents a roll, delivered to my door and Wal-Mart price is $1.16 and I have to go get them. So maybe .45 cents to .50 cents a roll of paper towels isn’t a big enough savings for you. That’s fine. But that’s over $16 in my pocket in savings, not counting time/gas.

Are these the fanciest and most expensive products you can buy? No. But if you’re buying the pricey stuff – you’re probably not a penny pincher (Kardashians… lol).

If you can find all of this cheaper – then by all means, share below in the comments section – because this is cheapest I have come up with — but if someone else has something better — I would LOVE to know!!

On a side note… I know some may not have room to store all this. I do keep most of it in my laundry closet and it has shelves – the rest goes out in the garage on top of the freezer. But the convenience of having this stuff on hand for 6+ months and not filling up your grocery cart – it’s nice. So if you have the space… go for it.

Also… people will mention Costco and Sam’s Club. We don’t have a Costco in my area and it’s $55 for a year. You have to factor that into the expense of these items. We do have a Sam’s and I have been a member – but not anymore. That’s $45 a year. I also looked up how much a 12 roll pack of Bounty was at Sam’s and it’s $18.98!!! Ummmm…. let me look again.


Now it is the Select-a-Size… but still. Come on?

Now again — should we be reducing our paper towel and paper product usage, yes, certainly. I know there are more environmental friendly brands out there – but I cannot afford them. I would love to – so if you know how to save on those – your comments are welcome below as well.

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Direct Sales Can Be Hard – Or IS It? My ItWorks Wrap Experience

Ok – so maybe “peddling” is the wrong word. But any time you’re trying to sell something — you are essentially peddling:

gerund or present participle: peddling

try to sell (something, esp. small goods) by going from house to house or place to place.

Can I get a holler from all the ladies out there with direct sales home businesses? You KNOW what I mean. We all know that feeling we get when you answer the phone and it’s a telemarketer. I cringe actually. I feel somewhat like I’m in a horror movie and I need to flee the general area of the phone.

Oh better yet….
Have you ever actually “hidden” in your house when someone rings the doorbell and you DO NOT want to deal with them? It’s the neighbor that annoys you, a politician making rounds during elections… or someone SELLING SOMETHING?

Oh you better believe I have. I’ve actually crawled under my desk to hide from two guys walking up to my house with bibles. And NO, I am not anti-religious. I just hadn’t taken a shower, was eating all my kids leftover Halloween candy and the cat had puked right at the front door and I hadn’t cleaned it up yet. These were all *very* good reasons if you ask me – to just hide under my desk and ignore.

If you have NEVER done anything like this – you have my utmost admiration. I am truly in awe — or maybe I am just truly weird. My husband says “weird” gets his vote.

I Digress – Now Lets Talk About Fat and Wraps

And lets talk about them in that order.

I’ve been on a perpetual quest to lose 12 pounds. I think it started 19 years ago after my first child. Why this 12 pounds comes off and comes back on like a boomarang — I don’t know? Well… left over Halloween candy and hiding under desks MIGHT be part of the issue.

But still…
I can’t seem to “really” get it off. I am a fan of weight watchers, I do try and walk 10,000 steps most days — but there are times when I literally CANNOT put the doritos down. I would actually growl if they were taken away. It’s almost like some kind of cave-woman-like survival instinct comes over me. MUST EAT ALL DORITOS – GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

So this perpetual blubber…

A friend of mine, Debbie was losing weight. (Damn her!) She was looking and feeling great too. Never once did she say how or what she was doing. UNTIL I finally asked – what the fug?? How?

She then opened up about ItWorks Wraps and supplements and how she had become a distributor. At first I did the …. Ick… MLM Eye Roll. After all… I had done Melaleuca twice in the past and what a hamster wheel of disappointment that was.

But she was excited, looked great and had so much energy. This is like the trifecta of HOT DAMN when you’re a woman in your 40′s.

So – asked for some wraps – and defining cream. I needed to test this out.

No joke. Wow.

Now – do I look like I’ve had lipo? Do I look like I’ve lost 12 pounds- no? But does my tummy look flatter, smoother? Did a drop a little weight – Yes. Holy Wraps Batman.

I ordered more ItWorks Wraps from her, the vitamin packs and the ultimate thermo supplements (to rev metabolism).

I actually feel better. I feel like I don’t need a twinkie at 3:30 in the afternoon. I feel like I don’t need coffee at 5:00 in the evening. I’m losing around 1/2 a pound a week and I am not really changing anything.

My Results Make Me Want to Peddle (Share) ItWorks

I am now a distributor too. I’ve tried their facials and love them, I do drink their Greens to Go almost every day (but I will say — it tastes (or at least I perceive it does) and looks like pond scum — but OH how fabulous it makes me feel.

I want to try their Estro Rhythm next — because at 47 – I know I am on the slippery slope of peri-menopause. The kind that causes heavy periods, acne and where did these chin hairs come from????

So My Peddle Pitch for ItWorks

I love their stuff. I love how I feel. And even if the wraps (botanically infused cloth) don’t give me back my 16 year old body — they sure as hell are doing something positive.

We’re all getting older. Dammit. And I don’t like it. I am trying to do it gracefully — but it’s not easy. My brain says I’m 22 and my face says… ummm, sorry – you’re 47. And then my body chimes in and says… I feel 50.

I want to stay active, I want to feel good inside and out. I have a 13 year old kid to still get out the door!! That takes POWER. Like a steam engine.

And lets not forget the side perk of any business – especially home businesses. You work on your terms and you make money. Hey – I like money.

So — I am taking the steps to build my ItWorks business. I’m having fun, meeting new people and enjoying the products. Both using them and telling others about them — hence, this blog post.

Here’s the wind up and the pitch…
If you are looking for products like these, or they interest you — or having your own business interests you – especially one that revolves around wellness — hit me up. Or if you’re shy – and not sure… or just nosy — go over to my ItWorks site and look around.

Hell – lets PEDDLE together……. all the way to the bank (and less blubber).

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