To Abandon Your WAHM Blog or Not?

Abandon Your Blog? Or Not?

[showad block=1] It’s True…I Somewhat Lost My Way. But Not Really So Yeah…. I see here my last post was in March 2014! Holy Moses. But before I take my lashings from a wet noodle, let me at least have a moment to ponder, profess and un-procrastinate. Though nothing has been going on over here […]

Why I’m “Peddling” ItWorks Wraps – Don’t Laugh

Direct Sales Can Be Hard – Or IS It? My ItWorks Wrap Experience Ok – so maybe “peddling” is the wrong word. But any time you’re trying to sell something — you are essentially peddling: ped¬∑dle ?pedl/ verb gerund or present participle: peddling 1. try to sell (something, esp. small goods) by going from house […]

Summer Is Coming….Be Ready Cellulite

My cellulite is scared. How do I know this? I could see it jiggling in fear when I was on the treadmill today. It does that when summer is around the corner. I’m not an exerciser. I mean…..I try. Half-heartedly. But it never works out. Me and exercise really don’t have anything in common. It […]

ItWorks – Does It Really Work?

ItWorks Home Business – What Do I Think? So I am an avid fan and supporter of direct sales businesses. I feel like if ever there were an opportunity for women to invest themselves “career” wise — it would be in their “own” thing…. their own business. And direct sales, if nothing else – gives […]